Friday, May 14, 2010

Party People.


First of all, winter is just a month away and I'm freezing cold right now. Can't really type much but here I am blogging so my blog doesn't look dull with no updates.

Diploma was great. Did expect that I can use autocad and draw plans. I've drawn quite a few plans, elevation, axonometric as in in 3D. Comparing to the previous me, I feel so pro right now but of course there's heaps of people who are 1000 times more pro than me. But you will never satisfied if you keep comparing yourself with others and I've learnt to satisfy right now. I see things more.. What do you call that? More.. "OK"? I don't know. However, I'm with the changes I've made because I really feel much more happier being this way.

3 more weeks and I'll be enjoying my holiday. Can't wait. I have a poster, inking, report and stuff waiting for me to finish. Cant wait for next semester to know what I'll be learning. :)