Sunday, October 31, 2010

because im bored.

HELLO. a lot had happened since the last time i blogged which is like 4 months ago. i've completed my certificate IV and i'll be going to uni next year! hooray! i am so bored now. i facebook, read blogs, watch some taiwan variety shows, youtube (ryan higa is so funny!), chat and now i have decided to blog again. :)

this week's weather was crazy. it's spring and yet the wind was always blowing like crazy when im on my way to work. the weather forecast mentioned that next week's weather will be extremely hot! what a huge contrast. ahhh.. i don even know why i'm bloggin about the weather anyway. maybe, because im just too bored.

maybe i'll just upload some pics and say something interesting if i got any later. :D

my taste like nothing special buttermilk cheesecake. it took me a long time to crush all the sweet biscuit and flatten them into the pan and everything but i cant actually taste the biscuit AT ALL. how sad is that. it worst thing is it only worth 6.5 out of 10! i guess that's why we dont see buttermilk cheesecake in cafes that often because it taste OK only. :\

i can ice skate and i like it. :)


me and me sister in me sister's graduation.

i have nothing new to update atm. stay tune. :)