Wednesday, November 10, 2010

because you appreciate me.

im suffering insomnia again! it got a little serious at the begining of this week. i always go to bed around 10 but i am still awake at 11pm, 12 midnight and sometimes 1am.. yesterday was worst, i was half asleep and when i looked out at the window, it was a little bit bright. can you believe that? it's already morning and i havent sleep, as in sleep sleep, you know? i felt tired when i wake up in the morning. this is so wrong. everything is doing in the opposite direction. how can this be? i don't know why i'm like this, i go to bed early but dont get to sleep in until late.

but the cool thing is, im always getting lots of thoughts before i sleep. i know im not an author, creator or something but it just comes to me like that. it is the same like how sometimes i'm thinking about something when im not suppose to and my mother would tell me to stop thinking and just go to sleep but i wasn't even thinking about it, it just pops out of my mind from no where.

i have lots of thoughts but the one that i think was cool was what i had last night. it's about heaven, hell and earth.. i know this is weird but IT JUST COMES TO MY MIND AND I CANT CONTROL MY MIND SO TADA! every wonder why we're in earth? why some people die and go to heaven and some to hell? some may say those who do good will go to heaven and vice versa.

my thought from last night is saying that people in earth is just like where students take their exam in school, those who pass can go to heaven where people can have fun and enjoy their holiday, those who fail have to go to hell/tuition to do more "revision" and retake the exam again in earth/school. the whole cycle will continue to circulate until we all "pass our exam". i wonder how earth will be if we're all behaving good and totally have no bad things going on around the world, we'll all go to heaven and there wont be anyone left on earth. hmmm..

cool thought eh? i'm sure there'll be people who totally have no idea what im saying. this is what always happen to me. so sien. only me and some people who are close to me knows what im saying. i have bad explanation skills. :(