Sunday, April 11, 2010

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I'm going back to college again starting tomorrow. I enjoyed my Easter Break. Went out 6 in a week, all the walking makes my back ache. Did some unnecessary shopping. Girls will always be girls. But sadly, no pictures were taken. I borrowed some dvds from my cousins. I'm currently watching UP. Not a bad cartoon.

My hair is so long now. I think this is the longest hair I've had for 19 years. XD

I'm super not confident with my studies at the moment. I'm like "half-half" only. It's like i understand but not quite. Something like that. My aim for this year is pass and be able to promote to Year 2. Oh well, I'll try my very best to meet the requirement. My aim had already drop a lot compared to last year.

I might bake apple crumble or cook dinner soon. I don't like the apple that I bought last week. It's not sweet yet it's super expensive. $1 per apple. I have 4 of them left and I'm planning to make apple crumble.

Love JUDY.